Remember all the little things!

Life goes beyond our busy calendar. Organize the little things with your loved ones.

Bring your family and close friends together!

The little things in your life

Add your daily activities and keep track whenever you have time and ruutine will help you organize the little things

For everyone and everything

Life goes beyond our busy calendar. Transform your activities into routines, share it with your loved ones to complete all your daily activities

Your life predicted

We use advanced algorithms to help you predict your future activities. Collaborate with others and they will help you with your activities.

Improve your life with ruutine


Your 5 a side, golf tee times, or your favourite club, even fantasy football routine


Daily routine with your baby, receive in real-time activities from the nursery.


Keep track of your weekly diet plan, your jogging routine, or even your bootcamp workout


Take care of your garden, or go shopping, going out or an adventure with your bike


Your pet’s feeding time, collaborate with your veterinary to remember the vaccinations or annual check-up


Remember when to renew your insurance or do the MOT, share with your local garage to get the best deal for you.

Your routines

Create your routines, share with the world and help others to improve their life